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Radio stations carrying tournament games live include:
(Links below denote the station has live audio stream)
WMOI 97.7 FM, Monmouth
WBBA-FM, Pittsfield WBBA 97.5 FM, Pittsfield
K100, WKAI K100 WKAI 100.1FM, Macomb
WCDD 107.9, Canton
WBYS-AM, Canton WBYS 1560 AM, Canton
WCAZ-AM, Carthage WCAZ 990 AM, Carthage
WRMJ - Aledo, IL WRMJ 102.3 FM, Aledo
Media outlets are encouraged to signup for the email list. The form is available on the website's main page. NOTE: No boxscores or tournament results will be faxed to media outlets. The only way to receive that information will be to visit the website, or have it delivered to your organization via the email list.

Media wishing to cover the Macomb-Western Holiday Basketball Tournament on site are welcomed. Please bring with you organization-issued credentials for admittance to Western Hall. Chris Smith, whose email is listed at the bottom of this page, is the committee member who duties will include media relations. A hospitality area will be provided for coaches, tournament workers, & media members.

Print Media: Phone lines are available for the filing of stories electronically on a first-come, first served basis. Space at the scorer's table is available on the same first-come, first-served basis. Preference for both phone lines and space at the scorers table is given to radio stations originating live play-by-play broadcasts.

Radio: Any radio station wishing to originate play-by-play should contact Chris Smith and indicate your intention to do so. A radio station logo(s) will be requested so it can be included on the website to indicate to site visitors which stations are carrying which games. Also, if your station webcasts games, please include link information to your audio stream so it may be included, as well.

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