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Tournament Trivia:
The Titans have met up with Eureka in each of the last three tournaments. They are 3-0 in those meetings.

In the 10 tournaments since the consolidation which created Monmouth-Roseville in 2005, the Titans have appeared in six trophy-round games including four title contests.

Despite being only 19 miles away from Western Hall, Roseville had never been part of the tournament's field prior to their consolidation with Monmouth.

In capturing runner-up honors in 2012, Monmouth-Roseville knocked off two seeded teams: Canton (3) and Eureka (2). It was the first time since 2006 that the Titans beat a seeded team.

Being named the #2 seed seems to sit just fine with the Titans. The last two times that has occurred (2007, 2011), Monmouth-Roseville went on to win the tournament title.

The Titans were tabbed as the #3 seed each of the past two tournaments. They failed to reach the trophy round last year, but captured 3rd place in 2013.

The Titans are the most recent team to crack the century mark in tournament action when they scored 103 points in 2012. They were the first team to to do so since Canton beat Northwestern, 106-79, in 1986.

Ben Gillen, MVP of the 2007 gathering, was the first-ever MVP to hail from a Monmouth school.

Last year in the tourney
Abingdon-Avon W 65-36
Illini-West W 56-52
Rockridge L 50-47
Liberty L 65-56
Monmouth-Roseville Tournament Titles:
2007 2011

as Monmouth:

1947 1981
Prior to the tournament:


Monmouth-Roseville Titans
Back row L to R: Asst. Coach Eric Grant, Asst. Coach Jake Sottos , Austin Hammond, Haxell Mouandza, Jared Kirby, Jordan Cheek, Ethan Sikorski, Brady Morefield, Shawn McClendon, Koby Killey, Asst. Coach Tanner Schreck, Asst. Coach  Jason Lancaster, Head Coach Chuck Grant
Front row L to R:
Jensen Wollbrink, Lane Frieden, Dakota Welsh, Nick Kelley, Brayden Reece, Logan Cooper, Caleb Empson, Obed Panzu

3 Dakota Welsh 6-0     12
4 Nick Kelley 5-8     11
5 Lane Frieden 5-9     11
10 Logan Cooper 5-11     12
12 Brayden Reece 5-8     12
13 Obed Panzu 6-1     12
22 Brady Moorefield 6-2     12
23 Caleb Empson 5-11     12
25 Haxell Moundza 6-1     12
32 Joran Cheek 6-5     11
33 Jared Kirby 6-5     12
34 Shawn McClendon 6-1     11
35 Jensen Wollbrink 6-1     11
43 Ethan Sikorski 6-2     12
44 Austin Hammond 6-2     11
45 Korby Killey 6-1     11
HEAD COACH... Chuck Grant NICKNAME... Titans
ASST. COACH... Jim Simpson, Eric Grant, Jason Lancaster, Tanner Schreck
HONORARY COACH... Dennis Danowski SCHOOL COLORS... Navy/Silver/White
SPONSOR... McDonald's Restaraunt of Macomb. CONFERENCE... West Central
CITIES IN DISTRICT: Monmouth, Roseville, Swan Creek, Youngstown, Berwick

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